Pool Screen Repair

Our pool screen repair services always begin with an estimate.  We do not like surprise costs and we never pass them on to our customers.  Pool Screen Repair Orlando only uses the highest quality Phifer screen products to ensure you are getting the best materials on the market.

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We guarantee when we do a pool screen repair it will be done right.  Our pricing is straight forward and we never charge more for roof panels.  Before any work begins, our screen technician will check your entire pool screen enclosure for any damage you may not be able to see.  Often, especially on the roof, small tears or panels coming apart at the seams will not be visible from the ground.  Once you know of all panels with damage, you then decide how many and which ones you want to replace.  Next our technician gets to work and in no time your pool screens are looking good again!  Give us a call and get your enclosure back to new again.

Pool Screen Repair Services

  • Panel Repair:  We begin with our technician checking your entire pool screen enclosure.  All panels with damage will be pointed out to you.  Damage may include panels completely out or with visible rips or tears.  Other damage needing repair would be the ones coming loose from the spline or panels that are shiny or brittle.  Once decide which ones you want replaced and our technician will get to work.  Whether you chose to replace one or many, we will do the job at that time.  No need to make a follow up appointment to replace your panels.
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  • Pool Enclosure Rescreening:  If you notice more than half of your screen panels have some type of damage or your screens are over 10 years old, you could possibly be in need of a rescreen.  Pool Screen Repair Orlando begins each rescreen by removing all old screen and spline and disposing of it.  All panels are replaced with new Phifer screen and new spline.  We screen each panel separately.  No sheet rolling – this is a cheap short-cut that we do not believe in.  We will replace all of your door hardware and bug sweeps, adjusting the door if necessary.  Lastly, all cables will be checked and tightened for safety.
Rescreening Orlando

Pool Screen Repair Orlando is here for all of your screen repair needs.  Give us a call at 407-871-3305.  We answer all calls and messages.  One of our customer service representatives will answer any of your questions and get you on the schedule as soon as possible.